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NWM EUROPE s.r.o., a subsidiary of NWM CO. LTD. (the largest manufacturer of water meters in the world), offers its services to customers since November 2012. You can find our range of products in the branch of water metering technology. We guarantee satisfaction and more than 50 years of experience in the branch.

We believe that the market is a lot of customers who like to appreciate the added value in the form of client service. We want to break down preconceived myths that prevail in the industry and offer our customers first and foremost simplicity, clarity and transparency.

What products do we offer?

The company NWM offers these water meters:

residential water meters, domestic water meters, piston (volume) water meters, industrial water meters (Woltman), single jet water meters, multi jet water meters, dry dial water meters, wet dial watermeters with protected rolls, water meters with pulse output.

You do not understand?

We will convince you that even a technical branch, such as water meters, may have a human face. Do not be unnecessarily confuse and overwhelm offer countless companies offering only wate meters. You can find everything from consulting to technical services, construction, to warranty repairs and testing. Worry about replacing water meters leave it to us.

"We are constantly monitoring new trends in the industry and developing new products specifically designed for you and your needs."

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